“Ms Sweet” (“Lulu”) is a humorous drama about the adventures of Lucyna Makowska or, as her friends and family would call her, Lulu. Lucyna has a teenage daughter – Julka, and she is a beautiful stay-at-home wife whose husband is a very high-ranking official. On their wedding anniversary, she finds out her husband has been cheating on her, and now she has to make it on her own. But she does not break down or give up. Instead, she takes the matters in her own hands, and she starts a confectionery business.

What used to be her hobby, the benefits of which were reserved for her family only, has now become a profession and a source of income. The beginnings are tough. She needs to face a bunch of stubborn bureaucrats, find a way to get orders, and deal with her jealous neighbor – Elka – who can’t help but make her life hard. Luckily, Lulu gets all the support she needs from her strong and cute sister, Olga, whose personal charm and charisma help them attract new clients. Lulu can also count on her father who becomes a courier delivering the confections by car which is old enough to remember his school days. The family business soon gets additional reinforcement when Tadek joins the company. Tadek is extremely likable, and nobody can deny his professionalism, or his legal and accounting knowledge.

As busy as she is, Lulu understands that there is nothing more important in life than family. She believes that a recipe for a happy family is like a cake recipe – the husband serves as a solid foundation, and the wife holds everything together like sweet icing.

However, our main character does not want to be sweet and cute anymore – she wants to leave the old her behind. At the same time, it is still hard for her to accept that her family fell apart, and her daughter is unhappy. Things get even more difficult because of Andrzej, Lulu’s old flame from back when she was a student. Andrzej reappears in her life out of the blue, and he embarks on a quest for Lulu’s heart.

“Ms Sweet” (“Lulu”) is an all-star, feel-good, optimistic drama.

The drama stars Anna Dereszowska as the main character, Przemysław Sadowski as Lulu’s husband – Jacek, Michał Czernecki as Lulu’s ex-boyfriend and a music studio owner – Andrzej, Joanna Kurowska as Lulu’s conniving and jealous neighbor – Elka, Marek Siudym as Lulu’s father who has a secret crush on Elka. We will also see: Grażyna Sobocińska as Lulu’s sister – Olga, Andrzej Kłak as Tadek – a lawyer and an accountant, Weronika Wachowska as Lulu’s daughter – Julka and Marta Chodorowska as Maja – Jacek’s lover.

The drama was directed by Kinga Dębska.


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