The in-laws

Young parents, Ania and Mateusz, want to let their 7-year-old daughter, Maja, stay with the grandparents during their one-week-long holiday. As a result of a mistake, both Ania’s parents, Wacek and Krysia, who come from a village, and Mateusz’s parents, Jerzy and Iwona, who are real city dwellers, come to the rescue. The clash of two completely different worlds, as well as them living together under the same roof, really is an explosive mixture. As a result, we will witness many surprising and funny situations.

The characters vary considerably on many different levels. It seems they will never be able to find common ground, but both couples love their grand-daughter so much that they will do anything to make her happy.

The strengths of the “Swaci” series are undoubtedly the gripping storyline, amusingly written dialogues, a lot of humor, beautiful nature photography and characters you can’t help but like from the first time you see them.

Fantastic actors who play the leading roles in “The In-Laws” (“Swaci”) make this production special. Each of them made their character real, funny and credible. The show stars Paweł Koślik, Beata Schimscheiner, Mariusz Kiljan i Monika Krzywkowska.

The show is set in Polish countryside, and supporting roles are taken by Elżbieta Romanowska, Dominika Gwit, Dariusz Toczek oraz Andrzej Niemirski.

The show was directed by Kordian Piwowarski.


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