POLOT MEDIA (previously Tako Media) is a company that specializes in TV programme production.

It was established in 2008 on the initiative of Okił Khamidov and Tamara Aagten-Margol. The creators of POLOT MEDIA are people with considerable experience in television and film-making both in Poland and abroad. They have many awards for popular productions to their credit.

Since 2021 we have been part of the Polsat Group.

Tamara Aagten-Margol worked as a director of a talk show – “Zerwane więzi” (“Broken Bonds”) and game shows, such as “Daję słowo” (“I Give You My Word”) and “Lingo”. As a head of the international department she marketed many licensed programmes, and she sold Polish concepts to foreign TV stations.

Okił Khamidov directed TV series vastly popular in Poland. His works include “Świat według Kiepskich” (“The World According To The Kiepscy”) which received the Telekamera award for best sitcom twice, “Fala zbrodni” (“Crime Wave”) – awarded with the Teleekran award for best crime series, “Pierwsza miłość” (“First love”), “Ślad” (“Trace”), “Kowalscy kontra Kowalscy” (“The Kowalskis vs. The Kowalskis”) and “Kuchnia” (“The Kitchen”). Apart from TV series, Okił also directed reality shows: “Dwa światy” (“Two Worlds”), “Bar” (the first edition received the Telekamera award in the entertainment category), and game shows: “Gra w ciemno” (“Blind Game”) and “Awantura o kasę” (“The Cash Battle”) – a game show that received the Telekamera award in the entertainment category. He has also been nominated for the prestigious Wiktory award several times. Morevoer, Okił was responsible for principal photography for over a dozen feature films.

POLOT MEDIA combines creative concepts with their execution using long experience, creativity and the possibility of internal cooperation between the creative and executive department. Since 2008, the company has produced 35 different programmes which turned out to be successful on various TV channels.

POLOT MEDIA is a pioneer on the Polish market in paradocumentary series, and productions such as “Dlaczego ja?” (“Why Me?”), “Trudne sprawy” (“Difficult Matters”) and “Pamiętniki z wakacji” (“Diaries From Holiday”) are one of the most popular and viewed programs of this genre. Between 2008 and 2021, we have made over 5,000 episodes of popular TV productions!

POLOT MEDIA owns a 1,600 square meter television studio, with production facilities, a fleet of 50 cars, and most of all, cutting edge filming equipment. The company can engage, operate and equip 12 production crews at the same time. POLOT MEDIA also has post-production facilities, i.e. 10 editing rooms and color grading suites, at its disposal.

Our team consists of both young people who are starting their professional career with us, and experts with wide experience.

The feature series produced by POLOT MEDIA star some of the most popular performers that represent Polish show business.

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