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The first movie in Poland which stars popular youtubers, such as Sylwia Lipka, Mateusz Ciawłowski, or Julia Chatys and Filip Zabielski.

Julia Morska is 17. She has lived in the USA with her parents for some time now. She goes to a great school, she has good friends, and she basically lives a wonderful life. What is more, she is really talented – she sings. Her channel is incredibly popular on the Internet. Everything changes when Julia’s parents decide that the family should return to Poland. Julia is devastated by the upcoming changes in her life. After a very emotional goodbye with her closest friend, Sylwia, Julia sets off on a journey to Poland – a country that she knows little about. She has no idea what to expect from her new school and friends. With unfailing optimism and absolute openness, she gets ready for her first day at the new school.

It quickly turns out how far the high school girl’s enthusiastic vision is from reality. She meets “Magenta”, the outsider, who explains the intricacies of all the relationships at school to her. The place is managed by CLIQUES and each student belongs to one of them. Among all the groups (jocks, nerds, vloggers, musicians or beauty queens), there is a dominant VIP clique run by charismatic and supercilious Wiktoria surrounded by keen followers. Wiktoria refuses to give Julia a chance. She sees the girl from abroad as a threat, and she classifies her as CNC – a chick with no clique. Unfortunately, this is not the end. She wants to humiliate Julia even more by labelling her a MISFIT, which practically means not instagrammable, not snapchatable, and simply dumb. It indicates the lowest possible level in the school hierarchy. Will Julia manage to survive in the new environment? Will she be able to fight for love and overcome the insurmountable obstacle that remains in her way?

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