“Akademik” (“Dorm”) is a comedy series about students who live in a coeducational dorm. Three boys – Zdzich, Roger, and Michal are accommodated at the same place as three attractive girls – Weronika, Lena and Andżelika. The confrontation of several completely different characters will result in truly explosive situations. The crew will have to learn how to live with each other. They will be getting into fights, but at the same time, they will enjoy each other’s company. They will go through ups and downs of love together, they will support one another in times of need, and they will come up with the craziest pranks and jokes.

The adventures of the group are a mixture of real-life problems with comic events which they more often than not provoke themselves. The residents of the dorm are looking for real love which turns out to be just around the corner, or rather in the room next door. Some of them will be lucky enough to find their other half, and others will keep searching for happiness while sharing their hopes and fears with their roommates. The series stars many new generation actors and actresses, as well as well-known performers, such as Dariusz Kordek and Rafał Rutkowski.

The series is directed by Radosław Dunaszewski.

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