“Kuchnia” (“The Kitchen”) is a comedy series focusing on the private and professional adventures of a group of cooks and employees of one of the most popular restaurants serving French cuisine. The main character is an aspiring cook, Maks, who gets into serious trouble on his very first day at work. The woman he slept with the night before turns out to be his boss. And that is only the beginning of everything that is going to happen to him. Despite being a master of slip-ups and bloopers, Maks has to find his way around the new workplace, and he needs to build a relationship with the brigade de cuisine run by a talented but arrogant and short-tempered chef – Wiktor Bojarski.

The behind-the-scenes insight into the work of kitchen staff at a popular restaurant is even more fascinating thanks to the group of main characters whose shortcomings, virtues, dreams, aspirations and weaknesses we discover with every episode.

The cooks fight, sometimes literally and sometimes for real, to get the attention and approval of the chef. They bribe their supervisors or each other, they break the rules and they play practical jokes which often get out of hand. Each of them keeps their secrets, they get involved romantically, sometimes they lie to one another and to their nearest and dearest, but at the same time, they can count on each other in times of need. Their desires, aspirations and weaknesses are authentic and make them human.

Patryk Cybulski, whom Polsat viewers already know from his role in “Kowalscy kontra Kowalscy”, was cast in the role of the aspiring cook. The chef and Maks’ mentor is played by Tomasz Karolak. The series also casts other great actors and actresses, such as Maria Dębska who plays the restaurant manager, Eryk Lubos – the restaurant owner, and Marta Żmuda-Trzebiatowska who runs a competitive restaurant which aspires to be the best in town.

The series is directed by Okil Khamidov.

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